Europann is the turquoise blue of the sea, the finesse of the sand on the coast. It's the pink bougainvillea that overflow the streets. It's the velvet black of long nights of celebration. A summer that is forgotten, immobile and infinite, in laughter and sunny days.

Imbued of this softness and this lightness, Europann clothes slip on the skin, sublimate the gesture. The fabrics are natural and comfortable. Colors and prints, rare, sometimes reveal a discreet charm, a natural elegance, sometimes an astonishing and intrepid character.

An identity that exudes fashion without being locked in, remaining apart, in the chic of a timeless style. The Europann man is a happy man, a generous adventurer and eternal life lover.



The 90s, the madness of jeans and shirts. Somewhere in a room in South East France - never far from the sea, three brothers are dreaming.

Georges, Guy and Ari Azoulay. They are twenty years old and desire to create. From their youth, they have evolved into the fashion world. They imagine starting together, a little blind but with a lot of energy. Taste and already a vision of the style quite defined.

Europann was born. The brand is established, very quickly, it gets partnerships with major brands (Blanc Bleu, Façonnable, School Rag, Chevignon, etc.).


In 1991, the first line of colored men’s T-shirts and swim shorts was launched. The identity of Europann is affirmed. It will be, love of life, the sea and passion for style.

After the swim shorts arrive the shirts, remarkable for the richness of their colors and prints. They are quickly spotted and the year 96 sees the opening of the first Europann store in Saint-Tropez. Follows Juan-Les-Pins, Bandol, Le Lavandou ...

Europann continues its race. In the late 2000s, the brand developed a junior line, the collections are enriched with summer shoes and sweatshirts. In 2013, the website reinforces its fame, and Europann has not finished sailing because on the sea, the horizon is infinite.



Europann clothing is distinguished by the authenticity of fabrics, linen and cotton of high quality, and the search for colors and prints. These are declined according to the moods and the occasions: day dream on the beach, boat race, dinner until late at night ...

The attention paid to the cuts, the fineness of details are all requirements that make the elegance of Europanns ready-to-wear. All collections (swim shorts and ready-to-wear) are designed in the brand's workshop in the South East; the fabrics are essentially Italian